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Jingway was established in October, 2003. In the early days, it was a company that sold aquarium and pet products. Coincidentally, IBM Company came up with the concept of water cooling for PC, server and other applications. Wang Fengzhang, the founder and general manager, believed that the future demand for heat treatment will gradually increase. The water cooling applications were based on aquatic pump, after that it gradually progressed towards key products such as coolant and connector. It also developed different types of pump, low-conductivity coolant, various widely used coolant technique. At that time, the general manager visited customers with sales specialists personally.

As time went by, it occupied an important place in the cooling cycle system steadily when Taiwanese market was still conservative and closed. Nowadays, Jingway has a certain reputation and standard in the field of water cooling worldwide; especially specializes in research and production of water circulation pumps. It provides the service ranges from product customization, design and manufacture. Moreover, with the spirit of teamwork and innovation, its business philosophy is treating clients as supremacy and also provides water circulation pump design for various special needs of them.

Quality specification

Quality specification

When Jingway conducts global trade,

it also sets international norms.

For the product part,

it has done the best control at each level from raw materials,

incoming materials storage, manufacture,

finished product inspection to final packaging and shipment.

At the same time,

it also complies with the latest ISO9001 specifications,

so as to ensure customers receive the best product quality.


Check the whole process

Standardization of manufacturing processes
Assembly test


Jingway has cooperation experience not only with eSports but also with various industries such as valuable equipment, the cooling system of electric vehicles, the delivery system of catering and aesthetic medical, and so on. We also provide various customized services except for the standard products, in order to meet the requirements of different industries. The spirit of maintaining the motivation of enterprise is due to continuous innovation.


JINGWAY Technology




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