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Q1. Not operate?

Please check whether the power supply is normal, whether it is in accordance with the product specifications, or whether the terminal correspondence is correct? (anode: red, cathode: black) If it is confirmed that there is no problem, please disassemble the pump from the water inlet and inspect the rotor in the vortex chamber for anything else. If this is the reason, it is recommended to evaluate system cleaning and coolant quality replacement.



Q2. Noise suddenly becomes louder?

Please check whether the water level is enough. If the pump is in a higher position in the system, the vortex chamber noise may be louder due to low water levels or inhaled air. It is recommended that the system designed for placing the pump should be as low as possible, and repeatedly start and close the pump while adding coolant, so that this step can make the adding process smoother and excess gas is exhausted. If there is still noise problem, please check whether anything else enters the vortex chamber.



Q3. Can I adjust the pump speed by decreasing or increasing voltage??

This method can only be applied to approximate speed control. If you have needs for frequency conversion, it is recommended to choose PWM series products, which can do control finely through the signal terminal.


Q1. Can I mix with water or other products?

Jingway coolant is through complete formula design, so you can mix them in the same series. However, we definitely do not recommend using it with water or other products. Because this will not only destroy the function and guarantee of the coolant, but also may cause system damage.



Q2. How to replace the old and new coolant?

Please drain the original coolant first, and then add distilled water or pure water for running cleaning. At this time, you may also have to evaluate whether the system condition requires replacement or use of the detergent. You can add new coolant after draining.



Q3. Not enough coolant?

If the original coolant has not been contaminated, you can add the same series of products to supplement. Owing to different use condition, we recommend that the coolant should be drained completely and replaced every 6-12 months. According to the integrity of your system, the reasons for affecting product life include system closure, other external pollution, the quality of product material, and so on.


Q1. Product warranty?

All Jingway products are guaranteed for one year except for coolant. During this period, we provide free replacement repairs for non-artificial damage. Nevertheless, as soon as the coolant is opened, it will lose warranty because it is chemical. It is recommended to use it immediately after opening.

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