Project Description


Jingway ICELAND COOLANT can be customized the anti-freezing level from -5℃ to -40℃。


S/N Pour Point
201 -5℃
302 -20℃
402 -40℃

◎ Main Feature
.Anti-corrosion (PH 7)
.Low conductive (won’t cause damage immediately)
.No limescale and moss
.Well heat endothermal and dissipation
.Stabilization of quality
.Conform to RoHS regulation
.One year guarantee (Please follow the instructions of storage.)

◎ Using Description
.Apply to any kinds of PC water-cooling system. Please pour to the water tank carefully.
.Advise to change coolant after 3-6 months usage.
.Suggest matching JINGWAY serial PUMP.

◎ Accident Handling
.If leaked or spilt on the motherboard, please turn off the power and desiccated.
.If accidentally comes in contact with eyes and skin, please flush the areas with clean water immediately.
.If the product is accidentally swallowed, please see doctor immediately.

◎ Storage Period
.Keep dry and cool, and away from direct sunlight for quality.
.Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
.The product is uneatable, please keep away form children.

◎Special statement
.For avoiding remaining materials and the effect of product function, please use distilled water to ensure the system is fully clean before using Jingway coolant.
.Jingway Iceland coolant is not concentrate, please do not mix with other similar products.
.Jingway Galaxy coolant is only used for displaying. The flowing is not the same depends on different systems or projects. Our Galaxy effect may be fade away around two weeks, but this will not damage the utility of product.

Certification & Test report