• Not only a design of computer CPU and VGA water cooling system, but also it could be used in medical appliances and in the industry.
  • Server chip control: Adopt 3 pin plug to connect with the plug set of the mother board radiating fan, using signal line to inform the turning speed of the mother board motor; the on/off of the computer could be switched when the motor stops running or the water runs out.
  • Endurable for alkali, acid, and chemical substances: PH value 5~11; could use cryoprotectants and rust-proof water.
  • The product is totally developed, manufactured and produced in Taiwan, its quality is stable, it is reliable. Adopts brushless motor design without connecting points, the life is long, the stability is high, and it is soundless.
  • Adopts low lead and low cadmium materials which conforms to RoHS, the environmental protection regulations in year 2005.
  • It is preferred that the long-term operating temperature does not exceed 65 °C.
  • JINGWAY high quality Iceland coolant is recommend